Delivering smart IoT solution for homes, offices, and commercial buildings. From planning, installing to maintenance, we offer complete automation services.


We stand among the pioneers in providing completely modified solutions to automate buildings and homes. Keeping the latest trends and development in focus, AMZ SMATECS deploys new hardware and installs the latest software in its solutions. Enabling places to be fully automated; creating unique environments that are customized as per clients’ core needs. Our automation engineers take a customer need-oriented approach to address all demands. Here are main packages of smart IoT solution.

Home Automation

We are delivering tailor-made home automation services for complete residential facilities. Our cutting-edge automation system transforms our clients’ residence into a futuristic palace. With this facility, you can control your entire household at any time from anywhere in the world. Never compromise on your home security and safety. Our home automation system is quite simple to use and ready to take you to the next generation IoT era.

Office Automation

AMZSMATECS is providing state-of-the-art automation solutions for businesses to access their offices’ control with full ease. While delivering office automation solution our automation engineers keep a check on your office’s future needs. They develop a strategic plan for addressing your current requirement and incorporate future demands. Our office automation integrates electric fence system, fingerprint scanner, attendance system, printer, and scanner integration, fire alarm system, complete surveillance system, and all other devices connectivity; depending on the requirement of your office premises.

Commercial Automation

We offer services for all small to medium size commercial buildings. Planning, designing, and deploying smart solutions. Our experts also create a centralized operations base to control every connected device. Our advanced system is adaptable to upgrade with new development in the commercial automation industry. Making it stand out as it not only delivers the latest features but also has the capacity to incorporate future developments. Get your whole commercial automation setup from our experienced engineers.


Get your premises automized and have the unparallel benefits

Manage Entire Premises From Single Place.

Connect all of your home, office, and commercial devices from a single interface. Have complete control of your space and manage it whenever you want.

Maximizing Security

With the incorporation of automation, From door locks to security cameras and motion detectors you can skyrocket their functionalities and performance.

Manage Entire Premises From Single Place.

Connect all of your home, office, and commercial devices from a single interface. Have complete control of your space and manage it whenever you want.

Remote Control Access

If you are away from your premises and want to oversee it then get your smart solution and have access at any time from anywhere in the world.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

You can have accurate control over all the heating and cooling appliances with which you can make them work efficiently at particular parameters.

Premises Insights

With our solution, you can have deep insights into every connected device. You can easily monitor and analyze the performance and change all other operations.


Do I need to replace all of your current appliances?
No. Our smart IoT solution will transform your current setup into a smarter one by changing all of your home appliances.
Concern about privacy and security?
Complete authority and surveillance rights will be transferred to your device so you can have an entire system under your control.
Do I really need automation?
Yes. The world has been changing at a very rapid pace and in order to boost your business efficiency or your home security, you need to install the latest technology.
Unaware of how it works?
Our dedicated team will guide you through all the main functions to control your automated system. You will have a complete overview of all the working of your IoT solution.


  • Complete IoT solutions – we are offering a complete solution, covering all the related operations imperative for an advanced smart system.
  • Expert team – we have a professional team of certified engineers that can direct all of your automation needs.
  • Latest Hardware and software – we are using the latest hardware and software in our automation processes.