Established in 2019, AMZ SMATECS is a recognized IT services company with a team of smart IT solutions providers having the technical acumen to deliver quality to our customers.
In our journey, we have catalyzed some of the major changes that have led to Pakistan’s emergence as a country that uses the latest tech trends. We pioneered a range of smart solutions in Pakistan and were awarded as the best automation company last year. On top of this, we have a unique business model that made us able to deal with some of the most complicated IT transformation projects.
Over the years, AMZ SMATECS improved its services and expanded to almost all major cities of Pakistan. This rapid growth triggered a chain of products about us of acquisitions, and partnerships beyond the company’s core and led to what is known today as AMZ SMATECS.

  • Networking 91% 91%
  • IP-PBX 93% 93%
  • Surveillance system 87% 87%
  • Home Automation 93% 93%
  • Security System 98% 98%
  • Industrial Automation 96% 96%


Making the world a better connected place, in order to achieve our purpose, our experts are helping our clients in moving into the future with a partner they can trust.

Operate with transparency

Continuous improve

Build for durability

Find A Better Way


Every individual at AMZ SMATECS is committed to making this world with better connectivity solutions In our persistent pursuit of finding the best innovations in the field of IT infrastructure, our experts have discovered some most reliable technologies that are helping thousands around the globe to get next-generation network access solutions.